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Anyone with an Internet connection and knowledge of HTML can build a website, but not anyone can build a website that succeeds. In today's flooded web market, you need to stand out from the crowd.

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New York Web Design and Marketing solves development problems using commercial software or custom-created development. Our expert web development staff can work with both open source technologies, such as PHP and mySQL, and Microsoft technologies, such as ASP, .Net, and MS SQL Server.

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Get it all covered with our web development. Our New York web design and marketing gurus will help you optimize your website and your marketing, so you can reach your optimal audience. With our web development, our NY web design and marketing specialists can assist you with:

Get a customized strategy with our web development. Our NY web design and marketing experts will help you design a plan that best fits your small business, large business, or e-commerce storefront and work with you to create the tools you need to be successful.

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