Responsive Mobile Web Design Services In New York

Whether your business is a lead-generation enterprise or an online E-commerce store, your SEO efforts will dramatically impact your business results. If your website isn�t optimized for mobile traffic you could be missing out on opportunities to attract new patrons to your business. Responsive web design is not only about getting your site to load on a mobile device but to designing it so users have an optimal user experience and effortless site navigation.

For the perfect user experience, your website should not only be functional on a mobile device but be aesthetically polished. This means images, site structure, content management, blog design, and responsiveness are all optimized not just to the latest iPhone model, but to any and all mobile devices. This involves work on the back and front end of the site. Luckily, our expert website designers at New York Web Design and Marketing are up to date with the industry�s latest best practices and are experts and responsive mobile sites. To make your website fully reposnsive, each element must be able to adapt to any screen size whether desktop, mobile, or even tablet. The New York Web Design and Marketing experts will make sure your site is accessible to every user.

Generate More Leads With Your Website With a Responsive Mobile Web Design

Your site may already have call-to-actions but they might not be optimized for mobile traffic. It�s imperative to keep in mind the �fat thumb� users when designing CTA�s. Click to call and Click to email, and other banner ad functionalities are some of the many ways in which mobile sites can see better results than their desktop counterparts. Because if you lead a horse to water� make the call-to-action easy to use.

Mobile Traffic is The Missing Link to Conversion Rate Optimization

If your site uses analytics to track results, you might be surprised to see your mobile traffic is experiencing higher bounce rates and lower conversions. This might be an indication that your site isn�t optimized for mobile users. Getting your site optimized for mobile traffic ensures your users have an effortless experience while providing a secure platform for your users to trust.

Too often with E-Commerce sites, sales fall flat and customers abandon their shopping carts because the website can�t effectively convert page views into sales. That�s not the case when you turn to us to optimize your e-commerce. Our e-commerce specialists at NY web design and marketing can build a system that will keep your customers on your site and engaged in the buying process all the way through to the checkout (and beyond).